Kindred Souls, an all original rock band based in Central New Jersey, has always maintained a singular pursuit.  Kindred Souls is committed  to touching as many lives as possible, to entertain, to uplift and to inspire.
     "I have always believed that music has the power to heal"..."that it is such a powerful medium towards positive change."  said  singer-songwriter Jeff Rafferty.  Jeff, along with keyboardist and composer  Lon Bachrach, are the founders and the driving force behind the band. Their travels have taken them from coast to coast more than once, and will yet again in the forseeable future.  Kindred Souls' exploits have graced the pages of newspapers and magazines, bloggings,e-zines,television and national radio.  The band's most recent release "Social Ninja," recieved  critical acclaim and exposure worldwide.
     After performing constantly for the last several years, Kindred Souls has taken time off from the road to complete the  production of our  latest  newest,  to  be named  "The Whole Enchilada (and other modern fairy tales) ."
     Please continue to enjoy  music and  videos from our  previous offerings, which can be heard anywhere you download music.  Jeff, Lon and the band would truly like to thank all of our friends and fans for their support and encouragement. We appreciate them, and their patience in awaiting our newest release.

Kindred  Souls
               Kindred Souls 

       Social Ninja 

Reverb Nation
        Takes Two 

       Fire & Water 

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